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Welcome to AYOTA, the Virtual Currency for Artificial Intelligence.


Imagine giving your AI the ability to make purchases on your behalf, without the need for human intervention. That's where AYOTA comes in. With AYOTA, your AI can have its own digital wallet, complete with its own unique address and balance.


Let AI Purchase On Your Behalf

Whether it's buying groceries, booking flights, or paying bills, AYOTA is the perfect way to give your AI the spending power it needs to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Flexible Usage

Spend AYOTA Coins based on your needs, whether for a quick task via phone or an immersive interaction in Fortnite.

Tokens cater to both short-term and extensive AI assistance requirements.

Easy Top-Up and Management

Conveniently purchase and reload AYOTA Coins through multiple payment methods.

Track your token balance and usage history through a user-friendly interface.

To get started with AYOTA, all you need to do is create a Role Model AI account. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to create a digital wallet for your AI, and start transferring virtual funds into it. From there, you can give your AI the ability to make purchases on its own, using its AYOTA funds.

Enhanced Engagement

Gamified interaction experience, adding fun and incentive to AI service usage.

Earn rewards and bonuses in AYOTA Coins for frequent usage or special engagements.

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    What are AYOTA Coins?


    AYOTA Coins are the in-platform currency for Rolemodel.AI, used to enable API calls for your AI avatar to perform automated tasks on your behalf, such as sending emails, creating tasks, or posting on social media.

    How can I purchase AYOTA Coins?


    AYOTA Coins can be purchased in a range of quantities, from 500 to 12,000 coins, depending on your specific needs and level of automation. You can acquire them through the Rolemodel.AI store.

    How do AYOTA Coins simplify the integration process?


    AYOTA Coins streamline the process of connecting your AI avatar with popular platforms and services. With a unified currency system, you can focus on achieving your goals while your AI avatar handles the rest.

    Are AYOTA Coins cost-effective?


    Yes, by using AYOTA Coins, you can efficiently manage your AI avatar's automated tasks without breaking the bank. Our flexible purchasing options ensure that you only pay for the features you need.

    How can I access and manage my AYOTA Coins?


    AYOTA Coins can be easily acquired and managed through the Rolemodel.AI store, providing you with a hassle-free experience.